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The First Mom’s Weekend was sponsored by the Women’s League of the State College of Washington on May 28-29, 1927. Addie Copple, president of the Women’s League, envisioned this as a way to recognize the important roles mothers had in the history of WSC. “If she’s anybody’s mother, she’s everybody’s guest.” Activities included a tour of campus, May Fete, a Mother’s Vesper Service, and a Games Festival on Rogers Field. Entertainment by college women and a Mortar Board Luncheon were held at the Commons. Ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, buttered asparagus, strawberry sundaes, wafers, and coffee were served beginning the tradition of the Mom’s Weekend Brunch. The program contained a president’s address, which is still featured today.

Mom’s Weekend has undergone many changes as this tradition continued to grow and evolve. On the third annual Mom’s Weekend (May 3-5, 1929) the Associated Women Students took it over and in 1932, six years after it began, a Women’s Tea was added. As the attendance at Mom’s Weekend grew, the university could no longer offer complimentary tickets to the 12th annual Mortar Board Luncheon, so in 1938 it cost 25 cents for mothers and 50 cents for students. It also cost 50 cents for the play and 35 cents for the swimming meets. For a brief period during the 15th annual event, the Mortar Board Luncheon was suspended and individual groups and houses hosted lunch instead. During the 25th annual Mom’s Weekend the first flowers appeared on the program. For the 44th annual event on May 1-2, 1971, Mom’s Weekend underwent a huge transformation as Mom’s and Dad’s weekends were combined for the first time. It was considered Parent’s Weekend with “Family Affair” the theme. Mom of the Year and Dad of the Year finalists were included in the program. Mom of the Year finalists included Mrs. Donald Hollingberry. This is the first program known to include a picture of the committee chairs and a welcome—both traditions carried on today. Later, Mom’s and Dad’s weekends were separated again. On the 100th anniversary of WSU, the Office of University Relations assumed Mom’s Weekend planning as a part of special celebrations.

In the 1980s, the Women’s Resource Center took on the planning and advising efforts. Today, the Mom of the Committee organizes the official Mom’s Weekend Brunch, held annually at 10 a.m. on Saturday during the weekend, and annual presentation of the Mom of the Year Award. The Office of University Relations organizes the official Mom’s Weekend Web site and Calendar of Events, as well as the Mom’s Weekend program. University departments, living groups, and student organizations, along with local business coordinate the events and activities that occur during Mom’s Weekend.